STAG African profile

STAG Group comprises two main business in the form of STAF African and STAG Property Developers.

STAG African’s business model is built around a relatively small core team of specialists in a number of design, construction and development disciplines. It also utilises best-of-breed partners in the creation of developments that deliver unprecedented value for all stakeholders.

STAG Property Developers remains a serious roleplayer in property development across South Africa, and has recently been involved in an extensive array of Cape-based projects worth a total of almost R1 billion. These include:

  • Anfield Village – Pinelands (R100 million)

  • Nature’s Gate – Plumstead (R54 million)

  • Croydon Vineyard Estate – Cape Winelands (R120 million)

  • Blue Water Estate (R74 million)

  • De Balke – Stellenbosch (R46 million)

  • Kompanjestuin Vineyard Estate – Kommetjie (R306 million)

  • Glaston House – Cape Town (R78 million)

  • Riverside Retirement Village – Diep River (R126 million)

  • Riverside Manor – Pinelands (R68 million)

  • Croydon Olive Estate – Cape Winelands (140 million)

  • Urban Spin – Diep River (R72 million)

  • The Edge – Cape Town East City Precinct (R138 million)

Whether we are developing accommodation for students, enabling an urban professional to live her aspirations, or helping to create the perfect retirement, STAG Property Developers is in the business of realising dreams and creating futures.

To achieve this, we combine old-fashioned customer centricity with ultra-modern technology to deliver buildings that are so much more than bricks and mortar; they are an unmatched experience for those who inhabit them.

Ours is a success story built on extensive expertise, proven financial management, and a sincere human touch. It’s a combination that continues to make STAG Group the property partner of choice for many South Africans.

Student accommodation case-study

University of Stellenbosch – Tygerberg