Holistic approach

Harnessing the many years of experience of our management team members, STAG African is able to offer a full range of student accommodation services. These include the following:

  • Partnering with institutions to identify specific accommodation needs.
  • Designing appropriate residences to meet these requirements.
  • Facilitating and managing student accommodation construction using state-of-the-art materials and methods – on time and on budget.
  • Arranging finance for student accommodation projects via access to private capital if required.
  • Ensuring adherence to legal, governance and compliance processes and requirements.
  • Arranging management of the completed facility if required.
  • Transferring ownership back to the institution at the end of the agreed lease period if required.

While this holistic approach means that STAG African is able to partner with its clients on every single aspect of their student accommodation projects, the services offered can be tailored according to your specific needs.

Our services



STAG African’s highly innovative and expert designers ensure that the end-product you receive is truly a cutting-edge student residence, customized to meet your budget and space specifications, while offering appealing and sought-after living spaces for your students.

Our designs are undertaken in close collaboration with our clients and we use standard or innovative building methods of the highest international standards. We pay careful attention to every detail and ensure that every requirement is met, without incurring in excessive costs or causing lengthy delays. Our design process also includes comprehensive liaison with relevant government and legal bodies to ensure that all legislative requirements are fully met, thereby limiting or preventing any administrative delays.

STAG African’s particular specialty is custom-designed, high-quality student accommodation that is 100% focused on the unique needs of students and universities. Our design process starts with a clear understanding of those needs and always ends with highly satisfied students and happy university administration and finance entities.


Traditional student accommodation construction is extremely expensive. In fact, the cost of constructing typical student accommodation can be as high as R630 000 per bed.

It is the vision of STAG African to change this situation by providing high-quality, comfortable and spacious student accommodation at a fraction of the price universities typically expect to pay. That’s why the cost of constructing a STAG African bed starts from less than R220 000 per bed.

This cost includes:

  • standard finance charges and interest,
  • council fees,
  • professional fees,
  • construction, civils and site works, and
  • furniture

In addition to dramatically reducing the cost of typical student accommodation by combining optimal architectural and innovative construction methods, STAG African is able to assist its clients with their student accommodation finance requirements through the use of private capital, university grant money, or a combination of the two.

STAG African offers a number of financial models that can be used to construct the residences. The institution’s capital can be used or STAG African can raise the capital and lease the residence to the university, once completed, over a period of time.  At the end of the lease period, the residence will be transferred back to the university.


While STAG African offers a full selection of standard construction methods, our innovative STAG African concept is based on current global best practices in design and construction. The construction system is known internationally as Innovative Building Technology (IBT) and it is the fastest growing construction industry segment worldwide. IBT has been used extensively in New Zealand, Australia, Europe, USA, Canada and Turkey and is now gaining popularity throughout Africa. It comprises a robust frame made from lightweight steel, which is then clad using one of the best panelling systems in the world. The result is a corrosion-free, environmentally sustainable and aesthetically pleasing end product that is factory fabricated to consistently precise tolerances, and erected on site by specially trained teams.

The cladding is made out of a cement and wood particle board that offers superior insulation and a low maintenance finish.

The combination of lightweight steel framing and cladding results in an overall wall weight that is about 10% of that of conventionally constructed walls. This vastly reduces the requirements for footings and slabs.

Overall, the STAG African building system offers numerous compelling benefits, including the following:


  • Lower construction cost than traditional building.
  • Speed and flexibility in construction.
  • Low structure combustibility.
  • Lower maintenance.
  • Reduced carbon footprint in construction and operation of building.
  • Improved insulation.
  • Excellent thermal characteristics and thermal comfort levels for occupants.
  • Significant environmental sustainability benefits.
  • Minimal disruption during construction.
  • Finished building longevity and durability.


STAG African offers the value-adding service of operating, maintaining and managing our completed student residences on behalf of, or in conjunction with, its clients.

This service includes:

  • provision of STAG African cleaning services
  • ongoing maintenance and upkeep of the building and facilities
  • two-way communication and engagement with residents
  • management of security services if required
  • maintenance of all operating features, including WiFi, and
  • any other operations or maintenance services as agreed


Depending on the finance options selected, STAG African is able to facilitate the smooth transfer of ownership of the building back to the institution at the end of the initial lease period.