Creating community

Research has shown that university students who enter residence in their first year of studies appear to have an enhanced likelihood of passing their studies. At STAG African, we believe the reason for this is that university residences have the potential to create close-knit communities – and a sense of community is vital to the wellbeing, and consequent success, of most students.

However, we also believe that the traditional, large-scale design of most residence buildings can inhibit their success-enhancing potential by forcing too many students into a highly contrived and over-populated environment.

STAG African residences are specifically designed to enhance the success potential of its student residents by offering them far more than just a crowded place to stay while studying.

Designed for living

Every STAG African residence is so much more than just a building. Extensive research has gone into the design of these world-class student accommodation opportunities to ensure that they are conducive to the establishment of close-knit, well-functioning student communities.

Each student ‘pod’ is designed around a central, open-plan kitchen, dining and social area that is laid out to encourage engagement, interaction and conversation. In most STAG African residences, these kitchen areas also double as group study and tutoring areas, further contributing to a sense of unity amongst residents.

“The kitchen is perfect and allows for us to sit at a table together as a family.”
STAG African resident

Bathrooms are designed to be conducive to sharing with fellow residents, while at the same time embracing each individual’s need for privacy.

Bedrooms are well appointed and larger than those of the typical university residence. Each is fully furnished with everything a student needs to live comfortably and study effectively.

Your building. Your space.

Since it was first introduced to universities, the STAG African concept has undergone constant refinement and evolution thanks to ongoing input and feedback from university housing specialists and the residents who have occupied the buildings.

This valuable design input has continually enhanced the STAG African end product to ensure that every building offers its residents:


  • a stimulating, modern and dynamic living environment,
  • a strong sense of community,
  • shared responsibility and accountability,
  • maximum opportunities to engage and interact,
  • the ability to secure complete privacy when required, and
  • convenience and accessibility, combined with total security.


“Having your own room is awesome.”
STAG African resident


“The atmosphere created makes STAG feel like a big family.”
STAG African resident