What others say

Our confidence in our product and associated services isn’t based on our own opinions. Since we first introduced the STAG African concept and approach to South African universities and students, we have enjoyed consistently positive feedback from all stakeholders in the student accommodation industry. Some of this feedback is provided in this section.

If you’re still not sure if the STAG African approach is right for you, we’ll leave it up to our clients and residents to convince you…

Students say…

“I love the fact that I only share the bathroom with 4 people and not 300.”

“The kitchen has everything that I need and everything works really well.”

“I feel very safe in my own living space. Security is important and I appreciate that the developers paid great attention to this.”

 “On the whole, participants in the focus group responded very positively to most of the focus areas covered in the research, with lodge design, bathroom and kitchen facilities, security, and a sense of community all receiving very positive feedback by the majority of respondents.”
Executive Summary to Focus Group research report by independent research company

Clients say…

“I am glad to report that the design features of this residence work as planned and in some instances even better than envisaged.”
PW Kloppers; Director SSG (See full feedback here)

“For medical and allied health students, isolation can be a problem with such a hectic program, however, students have found the STAG concept refreshing, different, and a new experience for student communities.”
Johan Groenewald; Head: Seniors Residence Tygerberg (See full feedback here)

“We were impressed with STAG’s professional approach … their management of the construction phase was done professionally with great attention to quality.”
SW Opperman; Director: Planning & Development Stellenbosch University (See full feedback here)

“I wish to take this opportunity to thank STAG for their efforts in making this project the success it turned out to be. We believe this is the start of a good long term relationship with the company.”
H Swanepoel; Director: Commercial Services Tygerberg (See full feedback here)